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Today nature is messing around with our reality. Quantum physics turn our world completely upside down. Understanding our existence as merely a construction in our head is an old platonic thought. It may be a weird idea but, it gives us also the means for creating a universe.

Missing link for universe

A student wrote: ‘This creating a universe what you are trying to teach us all the time, it could be based on the Mandelbrot principle: these fractals you know, the entire universe is built on it.’
Fractal-images are psychedelic, spacey or chaotic, continuously growing. Sometimes they get into a meaningful form or color.
‘Embedding’ equals Mandelbrots formula for the Internet. Embed data in other data, like a controlled nuclear reaction. Practiced on commercial base or used for malwhare. Creation is based on exponential growth. The Internet is one big linking park, expanding by fractal technique of embedding. Searching robots have to crawl embedded networks, being networks in themselves. Infinite or cosmic in itself. Embedded data contains embedded data contains embedded data contains embedded data . . . like waves or energy in photons

That is what this page is aiming for.

don’t try this at your home place