1950 Nederland, Heeze (nbr)
1967 HBS-b St Joriscollege Eindhoven
1967 – 1969 Akademie voor tekenleraar Tilburg
1974 Diploma Akte Tekenen MO-a
1969 – 1971 Reclameontwerper Willem II Sigarenfabriek
1971 – 1974 Akademie ’s Hertogenbosch, Vrije Grafiek
1976 en 1977 Koninklijke Subsidie voor Schilderkunst
1977 en 1979 Europaprijs voor Schilderkunst Oostende, gouden en zilveren medailles
1979 Willink van Collenprijs
1974 – 1982 Diverse tentoonstellingen, waaronder 3 thematentoonstellingen Ministerie Cultuur CRM solotentoonstellingen: TU Eindhoven, Kultureel Centrum Tilburg, ’t Meyhuis Helmond, Kunstzaal Belamy Vlissingen, de Witte Voet Amsterdam en meer 1982 – 1987 Docent aan creatief centrum Zouavenlaan Tilburg
Cursussen, workshops schilderen, grafische vormgeving
1982 – 1987 Docent Akademie Eindhoven, tekenen en grafiek
1987 Docent Akademie Industriële Vormgeving/Design Academy Eindhoven
Werkzaam als zelfstandig grafisch ontwerper
1998 – 1999 Docent Akademie Beeldende Vorming Tilburg grafische vormgeving, tekenen, computerbegeleiding
2000 – 2001 Docent Akademie Genk België

Peter Thijs, Lasmolineries


Peter Thijs 2006 'Lotte Grimbel-Dubois'  olieverf op doek 60x40 cm

2006 'Lotte Grimbel-Dubois' oil on linen 60x40cm

Portrait, landscape, human figure, natural subjects since 2000.

lucas sleeping 70x150cm oil on canvas

'Lucas sleeping' oil on canvas 70x150cm

painting drawing
Born in Heeze, Netherlands 1950, Peter Thijs grew up in the suburbs of Eindhoven, his parents having moved there shortly before his first year. His father working as a police agent. As a child, teachers were impressed by the adult manner of drawing, which once was called a fraud. In the footprints of van Gogh, who lived nearby in Nuenen in the midth of the 19th century, he became focused on painting and drawing after nature. He began his art education in Tilburg. Entered a school for drawing and art teacher, from which he was removed, due to conflicts, typical of those days in 1968. At the age of 19, he started as a commercial designer at Willem II Cigars company. Still wanting for an education, he entered the Academy of art in ’s Hertogenbosch. The ‘academic tendency’ in his work caused his expelling in 1974. Until the late 70’s, natural art was not considered a legitimate genre. Conceptualism was ruling untill a revival of new
expressionism came around. As the resume does show, Peter Thijs continued painting and graphic, as an artist, designer and teacher. Since 1983 PeterThijs is teaching drawing and graphics at the Academy for Industrial Design, the Design Academy Eindhoven.  

Peter Thijs, Grote Meer Valkenswaard 57x110

The big pond 57x110cm oil on board

Beeldend Benelux
biografisch handboek
Peter Thijs bio

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