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I S A A C   I S R A E L S

1865 - 1934

Isaac Israels

Isaac Israels

a dutch painter, must have done thousands of faces and figures. On the left the portrait of his father Jozef Israels, a well known painter himself, who encouraged his son, even taking him from school to teach him in the real world. Isaac developed at a young age a photographic look coupled with a very fast handwriting. A painting had to be done within one hour. Often the portraits were unsatisfying for their commissioners. He traveled extensively and worked on location. Paris, Italy, Austria and the Dutch colony of Indonesia. He was introduced to fashion houses, models and workers, dancers and governors. Everywhere he painted as a visitor, inside and especially outside. In the 1920’s Sophie de Vries (1879 Germany) chose to divorce her husband and moved with her three children to the house of her lover, Isaac Israels. Against all the usual conventions at that time. Although Isaac Israels and Sophie never married, they enjoyed an affair that lasted until Sophie’s death in 1931.

H U M A N   F I G U R E

by Peter Thijs